LaPensee’s Showroom Helps with Bathroom Remodel

If you’ve ever sat around on the weekend watching TV or searching for TV to watch, you may have noticed all of the DIY television shows, or shows that flip houses. Watching shows like that might give you ideas, (I know I get them) on redoing a particular room in the house. Those shows make it look easy; It really isn’t, and remodeling should be left to the professionals. Continue reading

Drain Cleaning- Are your drains clear?

As long as water is flowing freely through the drains, you don’t give them much thought. However, when a drain becomes clogged, pouring dirty water over your floor, it becomes another story. There are many reasons that sewer drains can become clogged: Hair, food, grease, collapsing sewer lines, or plant roots can cause a sewer to backup.

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