5 Tips for Pools with High Water Levels

Due to the disastrous, record breaking rain over the weekend, some of you might be experiencing pools which are filled too high, or are already over flowing. There’s really nothing dangerous about having a pool which is filled to the brim, but the pool does run better and the filter works more efficiently if the water level isn’t too high. Continue reading

5 Things to Check if Your AC Runs Constantly

It’s only the beginning of August; we’re still in one of the hottest time periods here in Florida. It’s been an extremely hot summer, and your air conditioner is probably doing some over time. But is it running too much? Does it stop, or does it seem to run constantly? No, no one wants to be hot and sticky, but no one wants their AC unit to be running constantly either. Luckily, there are some simple things you can check to see what’s causing it to run more.

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